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Sanitary Cleaning / Tile Cleaning

Again and again in various so-called wet cells occur problems like fungus, rust stains, mold, Spark and other things that affect the health and well-being in the shower negatively, which leads to even disgust.

Here we present a "live-cleaning toilets," which we have recorded in an athlete's home. To start the video, please click on the image:

We clean with specifically tailored cleaning products and with hot steam to over 100 degrees all kinds of tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, fittings and joints.
We remove the pests and their deep-seated roots and so they can no longer grow.
Subsequently, the surfaces will be finished with our long time Ceramicgard.

Product Features
The product has a water repellent effect and so the adhesion of foreign substances on the surface is reduced.
Due to the hydrophobic effect of water drips easily from the treated surface.
Dirt particles are washed off, because they can not penetrate into the matrix (easy to clean effect)

Areas of application
Examples: wet cells in gyms, sports facilities, camping sites, business facilities, swimming pools, schools, shopping centers,
public outdoor areas, etc..

Schimmel und Spark - vor der Sanitärreinigung

Ergebnis nach der Sanitärreinigung durch Cleanforce!

Further purification results in the sanitary area you see here

Cleanforce Spain
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