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November 2012

Cleanforce East coated new E-Lock at Vattenfall


Cleanforce East cleans the Golf Club at Lake Seddiner


October 2012

Cleanforce West cleans crematory in the capital of Dusseldorf


June 2012

Cleanforce cleans MC Donald's in Breisgau



May 2012

Cleanforce cleans the "Marco Polo Terraces" in the Harbour City.
The opening of "Sansibar Wine" is imminent.


April 2012

The cleaning work at the "Spiegel" in Hamburg have been completed


March 2012

Cleanforce cleans in higher altitudes ...



Electric locomotives were cleaned and coated by Cleanforce

Click for large view click on the images


Clean Force coated second Elbtube in Hamburg

After a year of testing Cleanforce coated the second elbtube. The second 1000 sq m were coated with a Hybridtec . the vehicles of the department of the elbtube are cleaning thanks to the coat of Cleanforce one year without detergent.

Click for large view click on the images



Clean Force cleans 4,500 square meters in the PortCity in Hamburg

Click for large view click on the images



Cleanforce beschichtet Elbtunnel Hamburg mit einem Hybridtec

A re-contamination is greatly reduced and the cleaning intervals extended.
The quantities that are required for the subsequent cleaning can be reduced considerably and the environment is protected

Click for large view click on the images




Clean Force cleans entrance from IKEA Germany

Dirt, cigarette stems and black gum stains were completely removed:



Effective and environment-conscious weed control

Unique novelty developed by a collaboration between Aquila A / S, NCC Roads A / S, Denmark and the Clean Force GmbH - Germany.



Technology to optimize the performance of photovoltaic

A specially developed material for the module glass, in the form of nanoparticles,
is applied to the module glass and chemically by means of energy supply to the glass
connected. The surface of the glass is now modified so


Cleanforce Spain
Cleanforce Spain •  Email:
Su especialista en limpieza de: pavimentos, terrazas, tejados, fachadas y sanitarios.
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