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Marmorgard - Surface protection for marble

Waterproofing for all types of marble

 The problem is all the marbles, the reaction with acids.
And acid products are everywhere in daily life, from Coke to wine and the usual household acids. A brief contact with it enough and the polishing of the marble stones is ruined.

To prevent this, we have created an innovative product that is not the marble changed, the vapor diffusion can remain limited, receive, and which is not coated. It also protects the long term from the penetration of fats and oils. It also prevents the calcareous binder cauterization by acids.

This complicated resin mixture in combination with fluorine compounds and catalysts, clings to the stone and forms an impregnation up. When it penetrates absorbent stones in the stone and represents a hardening of the stone. The resulting water repellency, oil repellency and Acidophobierung is long term and stable, and dissolves only with the demise of natural stone more and more. Then must be re-impregnated.

This impregnation is designed to ensure that we can now: 

    • Oil fatty acid and solid
    • assigns the highest fixed
    • absolute commitment to the stone and increase shine
    • the skid resistance of the stone is not changed

The application is very simple
The marble stone must first be thoroughly cleaned and free of stains, if necessary. On this stone so treated Marblegard SP is applied evenly. It needs to dry about 30 minutes and can be committed after 1 hour. However, the full effect is only achieved after a reaction time of 24 hours. With absorbent stones may be impregnated 2x.

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