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Protect All in One - protection for all glass surfaces

Protect All in One is a hydro-and oleophobic, water-and stain-resistant surface coating for glass surfaces. Protect All in One muiltifunktiones is a high - tech nano product that arrives with itself and with the glass surface, a compound, wherein the functional effect widths find a symbiosis with the glass. It is modeled on the leaves of the lotus flower, so that a self-cleaning effect is guaranteed. Cleaning work is greatly reduced and simplified, the glass is protected from harmful environmental influences, water and dirt will roll off as far as possible. Calcium deposits can be prevented. The glass is transparent and translucent. Protect All in One reduced use of cleaning agents, preserving the environment.


  • product saves cost through low fuel consumption
  • guarantees a self-cleaning effect
  • protects against water and dirt
  • less resoiling
  • easier cleaning
  • longer cleaning cycles
  • durable protection against aggressive environmental influences
  • keeps the glass from aging
  • protects against weathering and leaching before
  • enhances the appearance and transparency of the glass
  • improved hygiene and gives a clearer appearance
  • no impairment of the stress corrosion cracking of the glass
  • protects against long-term damage by salt water and sand dust
  • saves the costs of cleaning the glass, and working time

Glass facades, high-rise windows, office windows, shop windows, house windows, conservatories, glass portals, mirrors, insulated glass, safety glass, decorative glass, antique glass and other glass applications.
Not suitable for
Protect All in One sandblasted glass.

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