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Concrete & Stone NE - surface protection for concrete and stone - wet effect (gloss) -

To provide a real protection against oxidation, corrosion and pollution, it is necessary to conduct bi-functional applications.

Our innovative development was the way to the hydroxyl functionality of the concrete and stone. This ensures that neither loses the treatment by rubbing or other mechanism's effectiveness. At the same time a 3-D structure was created so that we can offer the following facts:

  • a long-term UV stability 
  • Protection of concrete and stone from weather-related changes and rust
  • thus achieved by the smooth surface is hydrophobic, the concrete and stone and dirt can leave no traces on concrete and stone.
  • for years can not form rust

In the old patio slabs, where the upper layer is removed already by the ravages of time, the gloss is renewed.

However, it should be noted that the dirt coated on the substrate and may not exhibit regular rainy season, so the dirt does not remove itself from this case would have to be refinished with water. The protection is still available.

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