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Cleaning Products

Our cleaning products at a glance

We are happy to send you the detailed data sheets on demand of our product range.

Biological sanitary cleanser
The biological sanitary cleanser is mostly harmless, yet each is resolved intense calcification. Also, grease, oils and gypsum are dissolved and can be easily removed.

areas of application

Bathrooms and toilets

Contra algae
Contra algae has intensive cleaning booster and permanently remove all organic contaminants, such as algae and fungi of all minerals and timber.

areas of application

Eternit roofs and facades, all natural and artificial stone, concrete and Magnesitwerke of any kind, fountains and bathrooms and all wood surfaces that have been weathered.

Contra oil
Contra oil, all impregnations, coatings, oil and grease stains and asphalt will be dissolved.

areas of application
Contra oil is suitable for all stones. For other materials compatibility testing must be performed.

Versus Rust-S
Versus Rust-S (caustic) is a special cleaner for intensive cleaning and whitening säurebständigen stones. Be drawn upon limestone, etc. must be on a pro-oxygen.

areas of application
all acid-resistant types of stone.

Contra-fat oil-dirt
Contra-fat oil-dirt cleans all stone floors that are subject to daily heavy pollution.

areas of application
All minerals in the food industry. Kitchens, food processing plants, fat and oil processing industries, bakeries and more.

Extreme cleaning
Extreme cleaning for all severely removable contamination on safety tiles and natural stone treated.

areas of application
Glued sooty or conglomerate, descaling with polished marble, special cleaning of all security and anti-slip tiles treated natural stones.


Oxygen Cleaner is a cleaner-specialty with excellent effect in removing stains, general cleaning at the same time intensive with a disinfectant.

areas of application

for stones and textiles

Electrolytic cleaning
Our electrolytic cleaner removes soot from surfaces or atmospheric deposition. The surface tension of the object is carried our Elektolytreiniger changed so that an easy cleaning.
He removed e.g. Coffee, ink, red wine, ketchup, chocolate, blood, fruit stains, grass, grease, oils, pen and many other contaminants.

areas of application
e.g. Kitchen, bathroom, textiles, furniture, car, motorcycle, boat, garden furniture, jewelry, etc. 

We are happy to send you the detailed data sheets on demand of our product range.


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